The Ozy and Millie Code
Copyright 1999 John W. Johnston, tails(at)
As inspired by the Animaniacs Code, Jonathan Woodward,
See disclaimer below. Distribute freely.
Last Updated: 23 May 2007

Are you a fan of Ozy and Millie? Well, tell the world! Presented herein is the Ozy and Millie Code (abbr.: O&M). Void where prohibited. Simply add this convenient code to your sig. file, and all the net will know the truth of your love for Ozy, Millie, their parents, and even Felicia. At cons, add it to your badge! A million uses! The Ozy and Millie Code is a simple, powerful, and, hopefully, _silly_ tool for fan communication.
To distinguish our code from other, lesser codes, the code is always preceded by the identifier "O&M", and the version indicator "JJ1". These are _not_ optional! Follow this with codes from the categories below. You do not have to include every code; only those you think significant. In cases where degrees are indicated, feel free to expand the code in either direction as you see fit. White space between the codes is recommended but not required; "Ozy++ Mil++" and "Ozy++Mil++" are equally acceptable. Case is important! As yet there is little possibility of confusion if you use "dad++" instead of the correct "Dad++", but we are attempting to maintain forward compatibility.
The following modifiers may be applied to the codes. Most of them indicate a degree of indecision.
/    Use a slash when two different values apply. "Jer---^/++".
>    Use a bracket to show a range of feelings. "Fel->++"
~    Use a tilda to indicate waffling and indecision. "Ave~"
?    Use a question mark to denote true bafflement."Tim?"
{X}  Use curly brackets around a rating you hope to attain. "\\${+++}"
[X]  Use square brackets around a rating that once applied. "Dp[s]"
Characters We Love
You are not obliged to include a code for _every_ character; just the ones you want us to know about. Many groups and characters are listed below. The ratings are as follows:
XX---             I want to _get this character wet and sticky_.
XX--              I turn off the computer when this character is on.
XX-               I'd rather this character wasn't on so often.
XX or XX0   No feelings; ho-hum.
XX+              I'm fond of this character.
XX++            I love this character!
XX+++          I have written mash notes to this character; I have a tattoo.
Avery, wet and sticky Dad giving Ozy a tattoo
Here are examples of both extremes. ;-)

You may modify this rating by appending one of the following:

i     I see elements of myself in the character.
!     I think this character is cute.
^    I love the character for his or her mind.
"    I love the character for his or her ears.
t     I love the character for his or her tail(s).
Mom brushing Millie's hair Timulty trying to ride a bike
For example: "Mil+++! Tim+++i""
The codes are:
Rain    (self-explanatory) for fans whom like/dislike David "Rain" Simpson's work.

Ozy      Ozymandius
Mil       Millie (Millicent)
Mom    Millie's mom
Dad      Ozy's Dad
Ave      Avery
Tim       Timulty
Ste       Stephen
Lyn Lyndon the Bird
Fel       Felicia
Jer       Jeremy
Loc Dread Pirate Captain Locke
Iso Isolde
Lrn       Mr. Larnblatt (the band teacher)
Prn       The Principal
Sor       Mrs. Sorkowitz
Spl       Ms. Splintman (the Girl's Gym Teacher)
Dor      Coach Doorstop (the Boy's Gym Teacher)
Wan Dr. Wahnsinnig (the school psychiatrist)

For other characters, simply use their name.

Captain Locke

The Ozy and Millie Discussion Group And You
How Often Do You Post? (P)
Timulty writing a letter

P---       What's posting?
P--        What's O&M?
P-         I've heard of the group.
P          I lurk.
P+         I've posted.
P++       I post regularly.
P+++     I post scores of messages daily; I _am_ O&M.

What Have You Done For O&M Lately? (D)

Da     I've hosted an Ozy and Millie event.
Df      I've written fan-fiction.
Dh     I have made humorous posts.
Dp     I've written a song parody.
Ds     I run an FTP site.
Dw    I run a web page.
Do     Other.

Combine these freely.

Millie singing 'I Got You, Babe'
Fan Behavior
Money Spent (\\$)
Ozymandius, one rich wolf
Each + indicates an order of magnitude. This is total money spent on anything connected to Ozy and Millie.
\\$            $0 - I am Scrooge!
\\$+           $1-$10 (I have the publicated book [comming soon].)
\\$++         $11-$100 (I have a couple of commissions.)
\\$+++       $101-$1000 (I have the book and several commissions.)
\\$++++     ...and so on (eep!).
Artists Met (A)
Millie's artistic taste
Use an "A" followed by one or more of these:
The Original!!!
rn       David "Rain" Simpson

Noted Interpretors!!!
cc       Charles Caffrey
td       Thomas K. Dye ( Newshounds)
mk      Mark Freid
bh      Bill Holbrook ( Kevin and Kell)
lh       Laura Howell
dk      David "Dutch" K.
ck      Corwyn Kalenda
mm    Michael-Scot McMurry
jm      Julie Miyamoto
jn        Joesph Nebus
js       Jonas Silver
by     Ben Yackley
ch      Colin Helsley
jm      Jason Miles
ej      Eric Jensen
ac     Aaron Cansler
mp    Mat Probasco

Most of the examples of the interpretations can be found in the interpretations section of the Ozy and Millie page.

Indicate others with their names. Add a "+" for each autograph, voice recording, picture taken _with both you and the artist in the picture_, or anything else that would stand up in court. Also, use a comma to separate initials and/or names, if you were lucky enough to know several vocal artists. "rn+"


Age (O oy Oy)
As it seems to be a hot topic of discussion, you may indicate your age (O) or your year of birth (Oy). For example: "O25" for someone who is 25 years old, or "Oy69" for someone who was born in 1969.

Gender (Male, Female, or Unidentified)
Optional gender-indicator. "GM" or "GF" or "GU"

Country / State you're posting from! (Co)
For the benefit of those who are fascinated by where you come from, here's where you would indicate on your code on where you're from! The format is "CO" followed by the country / state you're from...
Ex. "CoTX"; "CoJP"; "CoDK".
US    United States

AK Alaska        IN Indiana                NC North Carolina    SD South Dakota
AL Alabama      IO Iowa                   ND North Dakota     TN Tennessee
AR Arkansas     KA Kansas              NE Nebraska            TX Texas
AZ Arizona        KN Kentucky          NH New Hampshire  UT Utah
CA California     LA Louisiana           NM New Mexico      VI Virginia
CN Connecticut  MA Massachusetts  NV Nevada              VT Vermont
CO Colorado      MD Maryland         NY New York         WA Washington
DE Delaware     ME Maine               OH Ohio                   WI Wisconsin
FL Florida          MI Michigan            Ok Oklahoma            WV West Virginia
GA Georgia       MN Minnesota         OR Oregon               WY Wyoming
HA Hawaii        MO Missouri            PR Puerto Rico
ID Idaho            MS Mississippi         RI Rhode Island
IL Illinois            MT Montana           SC South Carolina
ca Canada                       mx Mexico
ch China                          mr Morocco
dk Denmark                     ne The Netherlands
en England                       ni Northern Ireland
de Germany (Duetchland) st Scotland
fr France                         so South Africa
ho Holland                       sp Spain
ic Iceland                         th Thailand
ir Ireland                          to Togawa
kr Korea (North &South) tw Taiwan
jp Japan                           uk United Kingdom
za Zaire                            ve Venezuela

Sample (No, This Isn't Me)
O&M JJ1 Ozy++ Mil+++! Dad+++t Ave--- Tim+++[!] Fel---^/++ Ste+++ P++ Dpf \\$++ Arn+ Ay70 GM CoTX

In Closing...
This is yet a work in progress. All comments are welcome, and contributors will be credited in future versions. Stay tooned...

Contributors & Pioneers
Jonathan Woodward ( - for giving me permission to create the Ozy and Millie Code.
David "Rain" Simpson ( - for giving me his OK for publishing the Ozy and Millie Code.

Millie's confession
Use of trademarks is not intended as a challenge to their validity. The right to create derivative works is explicitly not granted. Mine! Any attempt to make a profit from this without my consent will incur the wrath of my lawyers. This work is a parody of "The Geek Code." Ozy, Millie, and all related characters are the property of David "Rain" Simpson (c. 1999).
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