The Baby Tails Makeover
The Baby Tails Makeover

Written by John W. Johnston

Special Thanx to Eric Goodwin, Orwin Raccoon, and Ablater for their assistance and contributions.

LevelSelect MIDI, rendered by Sega, edited by myself, and courtesy of Sonic HQ.

Legalities: I personally do not have any problem with you distributing the enclosed information. I do appoligize for the quality of the drawings, but I only had access to a 16-color MS Paintbrush system. All of the photos were taken with a Sony Mavica camera. Besides, they're just there to help you get the general idea. Finished results will vary from mine - this is not an exact science. If you want to contact me, there is a "Mail-To" link below. (Flame Mail will automatically be rejected.) Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic the Hedgehog, and all related materials are copyrights of SEGA of America; DiC, Inc; and CalToy, a division of C&H Toy of America. All rights reserved.

How did Tails look as a baby? There were two episodes of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon that answered this question.

One episode was "Tails' New Home" (which is available on VHS - "Robotnik Express"). Robotnik planned to capture, and then use, Tails to make Sonic do his bidding. When Tails accidentally got hurt by Scratch and Grounder, Sonic decides to find him a new home. When Scratch and Grounder finds them, they inform Robotnik, and them he decides to build two robot duplicants of Tails' birth parents. Sonic and Tails finds the new "home," and Tails stays with his "parents."

After a while, Sonic recalls how he met Tails. Sonic was running like usual, when he decided to stop under a tree. Suddenly, without warning, someone fell on top of Sonic's head. It was a baby fox was was trying to find a family. The fox appoligized to Sonic and then explained how he was rejected by a family of birds. Sonic asked why he would want to live with the birds, since he doesn't fly. The baby told Sonic that he could fly - so perhaps he was a bug. Sonic told the baby that he was a fox, and foxes don't fly. The baby started flying circles around Sonic, and then Sonic took quick note the baby had two tails. When he was done, Sonic caught him in his arms.

Example 1.Gif
Screen Grab Courtesy of Orwin Raccoon,

With Assistance from Eric Goodwin.

The baby asked Sonic if he could join him. Sonic asked, in return, if the baby had someone he could stay with. He didn't; he was lost for a long time and needed someone to take care of him. Sonic didn't want to be slowed down by taking care of him, so he took off. The baby started to cry so much, Sonic slipped on the baby's "Trail of Tears" and ran into a tree. The baby grabbed Sonic by his tail and airlifted him. Sonic then agreed to let the baby go with him. The baby was so overjoyed about getting a new big brother, he forgot he was holding Sonic with his mouth, and dropped Sonic on the ground.

Afterwards, the baby airlifted Sonic in a make-shift stretcher. Sonic asked the baby his name, and he replied, "Promise not to tell anyone? It's Miles...I hate it." Sonic then desided to give Miles a nickname, "Tails." "Tails" was so overjoyed; he knows he's not a bird or bug, he has a new big brother, and he has a new name.

The second episode was called, "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby." Robotnik built a ray gun designed to turn Sonic into a very old man [so old, he wouldn't be able to run the 50 yard dash in 3 days ;-)]. However, since Scratch and Grounder had the ray gun in reverse, they turned Sonic into a toddler, and Tails into a baby. Later, Scratch and Grounder accidentally turned Robotnik into a very large toddler, who gives new meaning to the phrase, "Terrible Twos." ;-)

Example 2.Gif
Screen Grab Courtesy of Ablater.

Anyway, if you saw these episodes, you know how cute Tails looked as a baby. However, if you have a CalToy Tails plush doll and are wondering, "How could I put a diaper on him," here is your answer. In this file, there are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this. Here is what you need and what to do.

You will need the following materials - a yard of cloth, thread that is an identical color to the cloth, scissors, straight pins, a sewing needle, a sewing machine (optional), and last, but certainly not least, a CalToy 11" Tails plush doll. The cloth would need to feel soft and comfortable; because if this were for the "real" Tails, he would want to wear something that feels soft and comfortable. I have used a cloth called Grand Flannel, which is used for making children's sleepware. It is made of 100% polyester, flame resistant, reasonably inexpensive (aprox. \\$2 a yard), and feels very soft. To wash, use machine wash warm, tumble dry warm, and remove promptly. If you use another color besides white, do not bleach.

Step One - Cut out a rectangular section of cloth, measuring aprox. 17" X 10 1/2". Then fold the cloth in half (fuzzy side out) to get a rectangle measuring aprox. 8 1/2" X 10 1/2". {See Fig. 1} Next, make a double fold on the top and bottom ends of the cloth. Each fold should measure aprox. 3/4" to 7/8", and the overall size of the cloth should be aprox. 7 1/2" X 8 1/2". Sew in the center of the fold to secure each fold. {See Fig. 1A} [Reader's Note - use straight pins to hold the folds while you are sewing them.] Cut a piece of fabric measuring aprox. 2" X 18". This will be used to secure the finished diaper. Place this piece of fabric in a place where it wont get lost.

Figure 1.Gif

Step Two - Fold the cloth on one end down aprox. 1 3/4" {See Fig. 2}. Find the center of the new fold and make a 1/2" cut. [Be sure there is aprox. 1/4" between the end of the cut and the first fold (shown in red)} {See Fig. 2A} Measure 3/4" from both sides of the cut, and make some marks. Make a cut from each mark to the end of the 1/2" cut. When done, the cut will resemble a triangle {See Fig. 2B}. Unfold the cloth, and there should be a diamond shaped hole {See Fig. 2C}.

Figure 2.Gif

Step Three - Take Tails and slip his tails (one at a time) through the hole. The edge of the fold should come up to the bottom of his armpits, and the ends of the cloth should wrap around a lot of his belly. {See Fig. 3} Remove the diaper and check the hole. It should be stretched out to aprox. 2 1/4" wide. Sew around the edge of the hole to ensure the hole doesn't stretch any further.

Figure 3.jpg

Step Four - Put the diaper back on Tails. Place straight pins at the ends of the back fold to hold the back part in place. Next, make two folds on each side of the diaper near his rear, as shown in yellow in Fig. 4, and sew to secure the folds. This is to give his cute little butt some support. [Reader's Note - when you secure the folds, make sure there is a little gap between the edge of the fold you just made and the top fold. This is where you will put that piece of fabric in later.]

Figure 4.jpg

Step Five - Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut the diaper. First, trim off the excess fabric from the fold you made in Step 4. Place the scissors flush with the top fold and cut straight down. From the end of the trimmed area, start cutting around his legs (one at a time). Be sure you leave aprox. 1/4" between the cut areas and where his leg meets the rest of his body. Start from the back end and work your way forward. When you get to his crotch area, cut around the other leg in the same manner. When you return to the crotch area, fold front of the diaper up to his belly. The front part should come up to, if not a little higher than, the back fold. Secure the front flap in place with straight pins and finish trimming.

Begin sewing the trimmed area together, one leg at a time. Start in the back, where you first cut the excess from the folds. From the bottom of the folds, continue sewing down the leg. When you start getting to the areas where you left that 1/4" slack around his legs, fold the slack inside the diaper, so the edge of the diaper meets the edge of his legs, and continue sewing. [Reader's Note - if you need to do any additional cutting or folding, do so at your discretion.]

Figure 5.jpg

Figure 5a.jpg

Step Six - Remove the diaper from Tails and inspect everything you sewed. Just make sure everything looks ok. Locate the 2" X 18" piece of fabric. I'll wait a few minutes for you to find it. ;-) Find the lenghtwise center of the fabric and place it in the back top fold. [Reader's Note - if you sewed the center of the top fold back in Step 1, you are ok.] Flip up the fold and place the cloth against the edge. Secure with straight pins, flip the fold back into place, fold the cloth over the fold, and sew to secure. [Reader's Note - make sure the fuzzy side of the cloth is outside. Also, remove each of the straight pins as soon as you sew past them.] Flip the cloth over top to the other side, pull it as tight as you can, without creasing the original fold, and sew to secure.

When finished, you will have two long pieces of fabric extending from the back fold. These will be used to tie the diaper on when you are finished. Fold the extensions so they look about the same width as the fold and sew to secure. Next, take the tips of each extension and fold two corners on the ends to make a point at the end of each extension. Sew to secure.

Now, put the diaper back on Tails and make sure everything looks snug. To put it on properly, first, of course, make sure you have the right side is out. Put his tails (one at a time) throught the hole in the back. Bring the front part up to his belly and put the ends of the front part behind his arms. Take the back fold and line it up with the front fold. Take the two extensions and tie them into a simple square knot. Yipee!!! It's done!

Figure 6c.jpg

Now, take a really good look at him. AAhhhhh, he just looks so cute! {Sniff} Hey, wait a minute! {Sniff-Sniff} What's that smell? {Sniff-Sniff-Sniiiiffff} Uh Oh, 'somebody' needs a diaper change. ;-)

Figure 6.jpg

Figure 6A.jpg

Figure 6B.jpg

For those who are looking for a Tails plush, try EBay Online Auction. Please keep in mind, since they're no longer available in stores, they'll be a bit pricy. The auctions on EBay average \\$20 (sometimes higher, sometimes lower). Also keep in mind someone may not be currently auctioning off a Tails plush on EBay, so if you want to bid on one, check EBay frequently.

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